Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tories Have Wind in Their Sails While Liberals Spin Their Wheels

These days times are going fairly well for the Conservatives.  They won retained in seat Manitoba and won a seat in a Liberal 22 year stronghold a week ago in the by-elections. Since then  a couple of polls have come out showing the Conservatives with wind in their sails while the Liberals spin their wheels.
The Nik Nanos with his analysis says that the Conservatives could win a majority without Quebec. That would be sweet.
The current configuration of national support for the Conservatives suggests that numerically a Tory majority government can be formed without a significant breakthrough in the province of Quebec.
Conservative 38.1% (+1.0)
Liberal 31.2% (-0.4)
NDP 17.2% (+1.8)
BQ 10.2% (-0.6)
Green 3.2% (-2.0)
Then today a poll out by Abacus Data Inc. puts the CPC 11 points ahead of the Libs.
Conservative 35%
Liberal 24%
NDP 20%
BQ 10%
Greens 10%
If these polls are to be believed and hold or get even better for the CPC, until the next election which is expected to be in the spring, it should be a lot of fun.

I do sense though things are a changin' in this country. No Liberal seat is a safe seat anymore. Look at Vaughn for instance.  The public I think no longer see the big government  programs as a a solution to all our ills anymore.  Take the mayoralty race usually lefty stronghold Toronto, a conservative won and is now mayor.  Liberal Premiers are  losing support and will see the wrath of the electorate come their next elections. The electorate have made their judgment in New Brunswick and the Liberal Premier in BC has already seen the writing on the wall and has resigned.  

The old tactics of the past like hidden agenda and new big government social programs aren't going to work anymore for the Liberals.  I believe voters will be looking for a government who will reduce the deficit and live within our means like the average Canadian has to do within our own households. They'll be looking for a government who will stand strong defending the country's interests and not be the world's dumping ground. In other words voters are looking for common sense. If the CPC presents that, I believe a majority will be in their pockets but folks we should not take this for granted.   You know what they say about politics, "a week is an eternity" anything can happen but with hard work on the ground I believe we can achieve it.


  1. I only hope they don't buy Newfoundland votes by subsidizing the building of undersea tunnels between Labrador and Newfoundland and Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. Or subsidizing a new transmission line through Quebec (which Newfoundland doesn't want to pay for).

  2. Well said, more of us political junkies that are too close might be the last to sense the winds of change.

    I do think the CPC need to stay in front of it and reduce waste. They need to push back the left's 'one size fits' 'lift all boats' BS with more taxes and regulations all by growing government.

  3. A majority without lots of Que seats would be great.
    Now that Vaughn is lost to the libs, the spinners are out saying it has not been a liberal stronghold for 22 yrs as the riding was just formed a few years ago. Wont work, that liberal held whatever riding it was in for over 22 years. Giving the riding a different name does not mean the voters all moved.
    My riding was redrawn several times both federally and provincially, but us voters still voted social credit or conservative, and then Reform/conservative. And we defeated turncoats, remember Bud Olson.

  4. And we defeated turncoats, remember Bud Olson.

    Oh,yeah, I remember.

  5. Interesting how the Conservatives are near 50% in BC, while the Libs are at 26%, when just a month ago they were both tied in the low thirties-range...

  6. Some retarded comments here??? Yes Ottawa should subsidized the cable from Newfoundland. Yes conservative support is on the move in BC. We can do a lot better in Atlantic Canada, possibly pick up a seat or two in Quebec and Western Canada but most gains will be in Ontario. I believe one of the Northern seats may be in play too eg. Nunavut or the Territories. (real conservative)


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