Thursday, December 2, 2010

Liberals Vow to Kill New Refugee Bill

MIA aka Michael Ignatieff  and the Libs are joining forces with their coalition partners to kill a bill that would make it easier to prosecute human smugglers and hold ship owners to account.
The Liberals claim Bill C-49, which would allow people arriving via any ship designated a human smuggling vessel to be detained for up to one year, violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which guarantees against unlawful search and detention.
The usual Liberal supportive Globe and Mail is calling upon the Libs to quit the nonsense, work with the government and support Bill C-49.
The Liberals should not oppose Bill C-49 outright, but work with the government to fine-tune the proposed new legislation aimed at combatting human smuggling.
Michael Ignatieff's get-tough rhetoric is meaningless without a demonstration of his party's willingness to work with the government to thwart the threat of mass arrivals of migrants on ships operated by criminal gangs.
Jane Giggles Taber is speculating whether or not it the government will make it a confidence vote.
Mr. Kenney refused, however, to say whether it would be a confidence matter. This is significant because a defeat on a confidence motion would trigger a federal election.
No date has been set for the bill to come to the Commons for the second-reading vote.
I think they should make Bill C-49 a confidence vote. If the coalition partners defeat the government, so be it.   I believe the opposition parties would have a rude awakening if an election were called over this issue.  The coalition would find the public would be on the government's side and I believe you could very well see voters electing a Conservative majority government to bring common sense to our immigration and refugee policy.

 So Jason Kenny, PM Harper, make Bill C-49 a confidence motion and let the chips fall where they may.
I think most Canadians are sick and tired of being treated like the world's door mat! I know I am. Bring on the election!


  1. I bet they will say they are against it, then not show up for the vote.

  2. I bet they will say they are against it, then not show up for the vote.

    You could be very well right. The Libs do have a tendency to do that when they're backs are against the wall, don't they?

  3. Just like Iraq war, Iggy was for it before he was against it and was for the coalition before he was against it.

    I agree and think this is just more sabre rattling by the Libs, who when push comes to shove will have 30 or so MPs on hall duty. Nothing more than white noise \i think.

  4. Iggy is a child pretending to be a man. (real conservative)

  5. Can somebody help me with something, doesn't the Charter only apply to Canadians? I'm just not clear about this. Thanks

  6. The clowns can't even repeat correctly the Charter right that they are so concerned about.

    It's not unlawful search and seizure it's unreasonable search and seizure - a big difference.

  7. Can somebody help me with something, doesn't the Charter only apply to Canadians? I'm just not clear about this. Thanks

    Gee that's what I thought! I think a Judge in the 1980's ruled that anyone that sets foot on our soil has charter rights. I think I heard Lowell Green from CFRA say that this morning.

  8. Pierre Turdo's cult continues to screw the nation. "Liberals", like the cultists they are, would rather follow the cult of Pierre and his warped ideological "Charter", than do whats right for the country. "Liberals" are stuck in their ideological straight jacket.

  9. ive got my local mps signs ready to go. bring down the gov iggy and face the wrath!!!
    (would be especially sweet since a liberal candidate hasnt been hand picked yet around here)
    JTS beat me to the charter question. frmgl, perhaps we can solve that little charter problem by not letting them onto our soil in the first place. i really dont care about their plight, i care only about the money that gets spent on it rather than going to pay my mcguinty electric bill.


  10. I am kind of against the bill also. It has provisions to hold the illegals for up to a year or some such thing. I think we should just put them on a plane and send them back to where ever they are from. That is a fast, efficient and in the long run way cheaper way to deal with them or any other illegals that come here.


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